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Set up in 2013, Drug Watch Foundation is a charity dedicated to educating UK children and young adults on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.


Through fundraising, public donations and corporate sponsorship we can provide our “Drugs – The Truth” educational resources, direct into schools across the UK ensuring that every child has theright information and facts!





Here at Drug Watch, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible teaching resources to schools in the UK




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The Drug Watch Foundation was founded in 2013 by four concerned individuals who (not unlike many parents across the UK) had discovered their children had been exposed to recreational drugs. They took it upon themselves to address the matter with the headteacher of the school, who informed them that although it was a massive concern there simply wasnt anything in the curriculum for education of this subject. 


Below is an endorsement sent to 'Drug Watch Foundation' from 'The Prison Governors Association'.


The Prison Governors Association are fully in support of the work being undertaken by Drug Watch Foundation, educating young people so that they are fully aware of the effects and dangers that drugs can have on them.


Our prisons are full of individuals who have turned to crime in order to support a drug habit that often started in their teenage years.  Educating young people about drugs is a sensible and effective way in helping them make informed choices which hopefully will mean that they will never become involved with taking drugs. 


The Prison Governors’ Association commends the work being done by Drug Watch Foundation and wishes them every success in obtaining funding for this very worthwhile initiative.


       Eoin McLennan-Murray (President)


Zoe Wanamaker, Star of BBC’s My Family and Major film production Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone is a proud supporter of Drug Watch Foundation.

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