The Drug Watch Foundation was founded in 2013 by four concerned individuals who (not unlike many parents across the UK) had discovered their children had been exposed to recreational drugs. They took it upon themselves to address the matter with the headteacher of the school, who informed them that although it was a massive concern there simply wasnt anything in the curriculum for education of this subject.


Following this, conversations with the Government and Police authorities took place who both were in agreement that this was a matter of importance and shortly after The Drug Watch Foundation was formed as an initiative. In fact, it became apparent following these discussions and further research that this was a problem for the majority of schools throughout the UK and in many cases the schoolyard itself was a 'breeding-ground' for gateway recreational drug use. 


We now provide vital educational brochures for pupils, workshops and power-point lessons for teachers/lecturers which highlight in detail the real facts and hard-hitting realities associated with substance abuse. The results/feedback as a result of our initiative have been highly encouraging and has created an 'educate before rehabiliate' mentality amongst the schools we have been able to supply so far.


We rely on the generosity of the public sector to be make all this possible and we have many schools on a waiting list so we need to find continual support from businesses to attempt to keep up with the demand. So, please, if you are reading this and are in a position to help out, please do. There is every chance that your own childs school could be on our waiting list.




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