"Bedfordia recognises that young people of today are our future employees, customers and business partners. With this in mind we like to work closely with local education establishments to provide support in a variety of ways. Drugs are an unfortunate reality of modern life that our teenagers have to face and the best way we can help them is to make them aware of the risks.  We hope Lincroft students will find the information from Drug Watch practical and helpful. If we can educate one young person about the dangers of drugs, then it will have been a worthwhile initiative."


(John Ibbett, Chairman, Bedfordia Group)


"DHL Cannock has decided to sponsor Drug Watch  because we are always looking for worthwhile causes in the local community to support.Especially with this organisation is it something that we can all relate to in terms of knowing someone at home or work that has been affected by what Drug Watch are looking to educate people about.Most of the people at the DHL Site in Cannock have young children, brothers or sisters that need to be educated on this subject and they will all attend schools in the local area.We hope that with the sponsorship we have given to Drug Watch , it can go some way to ensure that the young people in our local community are educated in all the risks that are out there and what they could be potentially be exposed to."


 (DHL Cannock)


"The Drugs Awareness educational programme run by Drugs Watch educating the students of Rushden Community College is a very important contribution to the local community in and around Rushden. Wm Morrisons Produce Rushden supports this programme and we hope pupils of Rushden Community College, their families and the College staff find the booklets valuable, informative and useful."   


(MORRISONS, Rushden)


"I write to thank you very much for donating the Drugs Awareness booklets for our students. Please be assured that they will be used during our Social Studies lessons where we teach drugs awareness as part of the scheme of work. A copy of the booklet will be given to each student to take home. Valuable resources such as these are highly appreciated as they contain up-to-date information and can be given to the students to read repeatedly in order to update their knowledge and understanding of this very serious issue."


Mrs N Macleod (Chessington Community College)


"We can’t thank you enough for the leaflets. Nowadays there is not much support for PSHE in schools and your leaflets were gratefully received. There are lots of problems young people face and drug awareness is an important issue. The leaflets are really well produced and the students have found them useful. Thank you for producing them."

Robert Kelly Head of PSHE. (Ashlawn school in Coventry)


"As a school we have been extremely grateful for the opportunity to receive and use the Drug Awareness booklets. We do a lot of work on drugs so that our students are able to make informed decisions. We have used the booklets in a variety of ways, for example some have been made available in a reference section in the library.


The booklets were well received by staff and students alike, good clear booklets which informs but does not frighten students, they are always keen to know the laws and dangers of drugs which is highlighted in the booklets, Thank you." 


(Marshland High School, Cambridge)


"The booklets were very innovative and easy for students to understand, Great campaign. Thank you so much."


(Abraham Moss, Manchester)


"@Drugwatch get following this campaign doing amazing work for teenagers raising awareness of harmful drugs."


(Tweet By Twinkle Toes)


"@SimplyhealthUK is proud to support @Drugwatch this year! Please follow and help raise drug awareness throughout schools in the UK"


(Tweet by Laura McCormick Simply Health UK)



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