Set up in 2013, Drug Watch Foundation is a charity dedicated to educating UK children and young adults on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.


Through fundraising, public donations and corporate sponsorship we can provide our “Drugs – The Truth” educational resources, direct into schools across the UK ensuring that every child has theright information and facts!


Teachers can plan educational classes based around our Drugs: The Truth booklets and PowerPoint lessons. The lessons highlight the Laws, Dangers, Health and Social implications of the use and misuse of drugs, alcohol and legal highs. With 50% of violent crime in the UK drug or alcohol related, we hope to reduce the number of children turning to drugs and alcohol, we hope to break the taboo about having open and honest discussions about drugs and their use amongst young adults and educating at grass roots levels using the most up to date information, ensuring each child has the access to this invaluable information leading to making informed decisions when it comes to drugsand alcohol.





The ‘Drug Watch Foundation’ workshops, highlight the potential risks and long term affects of using both legal and illegal drugs. By addressing this at an early age and educating school children, we will increase their knowledge and enable them to recognise the risks, whilst giving them the confidence to resist peer pressure.


The ‘Drug Watch Foundation’ believe in changing young people’s attitudes towards drugs and educating them on the true effects that drugs can have on lives and society. We believe it is essential for young people not to be just told, not to take drugs or drink alcohol, but to educate them on how it could affect their lives, their families and society in general.


By supporting the ‘Drug Watch Foundation’ you can help us raise drug awareness and spread our message throughout schools across the UK.


We thank you for your anticipated support.



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